Where are my abs at?

Have you been working out, eating healthy, doing sit ups in between all the commercial breaks you still don’t see your abs? The honest truth is, we as women aren’t supposed to walk around with a defined six pack. I’m not saying it isn’t impossible, but your body fat percentage would need to stay extremely low to maintain that look and appearance.


But you say. “I see those women on the cover of fitness magazines and I want to look like that”. My response is, no you don’t. In order to look like that these women must get photoshoot ready. Fitness models get paid to look like that, and must prep weeks in advance to achieve depletion in order for their muscles to get defined/ripped. I speak from experience on achieving my own six pack.


It is possible to have and keep a toned core. This starts with cardio, weight lifting, and eating clean. While sit ups alone are beneficial they will not spot reduce fat. By incorporating them into your workout you’re helping make your core stronger. In order to see definition you’ll need to burn off that nasty visceral fat. This is the fat that likes to hang onto your midsection and the best way to say bye bye is doing cardio. I like to do about 20-30 minutes a day of intense stairclimbing, bicycle or elliptical.

Do not forget the weights either. because this is what adds the muscle. If you’re working out correctly, your abs will always remain engaged. By incorporating weight lifting into your workout you’ll see much better results than just sticking to cardio.

Lastly, I know you’ve heard your abs are made in the kitchen and this is 100% correct. Your diet should be a well balance of protein, carbs, and fat. It should also remain consistent and clean. Eating clean means no sugar, dairy and processed food. I personally recommend the Paleo diet and the Low Glycemic Diet which I choose as a lifestyle not a diet!


Stop believing in the bikini ready in 30 days gimmicks. While these programs are great motivation to use as a jump start they aren’t exactly promoting overall health and fitness. You must be willing to put in the work. If all women only needed 30 days to get in shape, wouldn’t we already be in shape? Also, when getting in shape, keep in mind everyone is at a different level and body fat percentage. It might take you longer to see definition depending on where you are starting from but don’t give up.


So where are your abs at? They’re there, you’re just going to have to commit to self motivation and wanting to get overall healthy and fit. It’s hard work, but definitely worth it!



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