The Last Fat Friday Day 1

Today marks the last Friday before the new year. Lets leave our fat behind and start off healthy. I’m officially naming today Fat Friday so we can say goodbye to our fat that we have put on throughout the year.


How many pounds did you gain in 2016?  Five, ten, twenty or more pounds? Unfortunately the more weight you gain the worse you feel about yourself and the harder it gets to reverse the vicious cycle. We have to start somewhere. YOU don’t need to be in shape to get in shape. In order to get where you want to be, you have to work on both the inner and outer you. Lets begin on what we are going to do today:

  1. Get a Journal so you can track your progress and goals
  2. Look in the mirror and write down three physical qualities you love about yourself
  3. Write down three inner qualities you love about yourself
  4. Write down any three qualities you want to improve upon
  5. Weigh yourself
  6. Take three pictures. A full frontal, side and backside picture in your underwear (this will be used to monitor your progress)

Easy so far right?


We have to begin somewhere. I have to warn you if you decide to participate in Fat Friday expect the following to happen:

  • You will find your inner strength you didn’t know existed.
  • Your self confidence, perseverance and inner beauty  will begin to shine through.
  • You will start feeling more energy.
  • Your skin will glow.
  • That self confidence will radiate.

Lets do this together and celebrate the Last Fat Friday!


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