Set out to aspire

Time to set out and aspire to who you want to be. Today is more than goals and motivation. Goals can get squashed and motivation gets lost. If you choose what you personally want to aspire to than you will set yourself up for success. A few years ago I set out to aspire to be happy with myself. During that time I didn’t know what that meant or what I needed to do to get there.


One of the first things I did was set out on a personal adventure. A passion of mine is hiking so I decided to climb Half Dome in Yosemite. I knew this hike was going to be a physical challenge, but in reality it was more of a mental obstacle. The trail I took was about 17 miles round trip, accomplished in a day. Hiking many times prior I knew how long it took me to travel a mile. I set out to finish this hike in about 10 hours.

There were a few other hikers starting off at the same time. I ended up meeting people from all over the nation. What I found was even though I was by myself I was not alone. There were times on the trail when no one else was around for miles. It was that quiet time my mind would become present and my instinct to survive would kick in. I had to focus on the trail, going the right direction, keep hydrated, and keep my pace.


When I finally reached Half Dome, I sat alone for almost a half hour staring at it. It was two days before the end of the season, which means all the tourist were gone and the normal lines and crowds were non existent. I made it that far and was having self doubt if I could climb. The only assistance to climb up is a cable rope. If there is any kind of slip and you let go, you’ll fall off.

Sitting there in front of the rock, I was mentally creating a checking list of reasons to climb, and I only had one. I came that far, why stop now! It was during that thought a group of 6 women came and sat with me. They were part of a church group and from all different backgrounds. They stepped away from their daily lives to join together for this crazy adventure. Sitting together we had enough encouragement and motivation to decide to climb up together. We would go at our own pace and talk through it as we worked our way up. Before I knew, we made it to the top!


Sometimes we think we can do things on our own. We under estimate the power other people can have on our decisions. Without those women, I don’t think I would have made it to the top. I went up and came back down with those women and while I never saw them again, that moment stays with me forever. It opened my eyes up to see that it is ok to ask for help. Even though they were strangers, we bonded over the same experience that most people could and would never do.


Coming back from my journey and self reflecting, I know now what I am capable of. Until you really push yourself, you’ll never know how great you can be or how far you can really go. That experience was my turning point to self realization. I knew I would never be the same person from that point on. Our self doubt stops us from reaching our full potential. Don’t be afraid to rely on family, friends, or complete strangers as motivation to aspire to who you want to be. That adrenaline rush after climbing down lives inside me and I knew I finally found what it meant to be happy with myself.

What do you aspire to become?




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