Do I need a Trainer?

The gym can be an intimidating place and I would say the majority of people inside have no idea what they are doing. This is most likely because they never had a trainer, or they never had someone correctly show them how to workout. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you only do cardio when at the gym?
  • Do you stick to the same gym routine?
  • Does the weight room intimidate you?
  • Have you been seeing the results you want?
  • Have you ever injured yourself while trying to workout?

If you answered YES to any of these questions here are a few of the reasons why I recommend getting a personal trainer.


Sticking to the same routine in the beginning you might notice change, but eventually your body gets used to routine falling into stagnation and you’ll plateau. It’s important to challenge your body by changing your workouts. If you are planning on losing weight or gaining muscle, educating yourself is key on getting those results. You are essentially paying your trainer to educate, motivate, demonstrate, and assess how you can achieve your goals.

persinal-training 4

Do you need a trainer? The answer is a MILLION times YES!!!!

Finding the right trainer is the real challenge. First off, congrats if you are finally taking the initiative to better your health! Personal trainers are easy to find, the hard part is finding the right one for your individual needs. For starters, most gyms will have their set of personal trainers. The good part about this is most will have a decent package deal so you commit to a program. Anyone new to working out will need to see a trainer on a regular basis to help with form, exercises and diet. Don’t be afraid to try multiple trainers until you find the right fit for you. How do you do that? Go in with questions!

  • What certification does the trainer have? (NASM and ACE are some 0f the top certifications)
  • Do they specialize in nutrition?
  • Make sure whatever your goal is, ask the trainer if they have success in that area and ask to see evidence. Most trainers will have client before and after pictures as proof of results as well as client success stories.

persinal-training 2

Shopping around until you find someone you like will let you find the style of training that works for you, such as do you need a drill instructor, or do you prefer male vs. female. Most trainers offer free first session to make sure it’s a good fit for both of you. One key note before working out is finding out if you have any medical conditions. Go see a doctor first if you know you might have something wrong and ask about exercises that may be off limits. Trainers are NOT doctors, so if you start off with medical issues without discussing them first you may injure yourself.

Don’t get discouraged. If you want to get healthy and have success doing it, then commit to a trainer to help you on the right path to achieving your goals.




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