About Me

Hi! I’m Kristen and thank you for coming to my site. Health and fitness have always been important to me and it should be important to you. Growing up playing sports, I was on a rigid training schedule and learned self discipline at an early age. The majority of adults never learned the basics of health, nutrition, and self discipline. This site is to not only to help educate you on overall well being, but hopefully it’s a positive experience to make you want to start making changes to improve yourself from the inside out.

Why I wanted to create this site?

A few years ago I had my 30th birthday. Along with getting older my body decided to change drastically. I always considered myself active and health conscious, little did I know and how wrong I was. My level of activity was only cardio. My diet was 90% vegan, occasionally eating eggs and some fish. I’ve always been intolerant to dairy, but I noticed my belly was constantly bloated. It didn’t matter what I ate so I chose to eat vegan in hopes that I could manage the bloat. I was always skinny with a pooch.

My turning point:

I went through a really long breakup and I wasn’t happy with my body. I started noticing the butt I had in high school was flattening out and I wanted to get it back. The best thing I did for myself was finding a personal trainer. My personal trainer opened my eyes to whole new world. He educated me on diet, supplements, gym life, and helped my find my confidence.

With a change of diet and a new workout routine I was less bloated but still having stomach issues so I saw a nutritionist. I finally found out I’m intolerant to dairy, gluten, quinoa and processed sugar. The doctor helped me build up my stomach enzymes over the last couple of years so I can now handle all of these “poisons” if they slip into my diet. I’ve learned that your body is like a Ferrari and that if you want your high powered engine to perform at its peak you can only feed it the highest quality fuel.

What’s changed?

Three years later, I’m still on my consistent diet plan that works for me. I continue to train with a trainer and on my own. I still visit my holistic doctor for checkups but have managed my diet and know what I can and can not eat. My biggest accomplishment since I started has been competing in two bikini competitions. My journey has given me a new outlook on life and while I’m human and still pick at my imperfections, I’ve learned to love my body and all that it can do if I keep it healthy.